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Helping Governments Maximize Their Federal Aid

  • Location of all potential aid
  • Thorough grant performance review
  • Application information and assistance
  • Relevant support for both government and business

Using public resources effectively is one of the most important goals of government at any level, particularly when a declining economy leads to reduced tax revenues. American Economics Group, Inc. (AEG) offers a federal aid maximizer system that allows governments and other interested parties to locate substantial additional dollars so they can balance their budgets without cutting important programs or raising taxes.

Receive a Streamlined Report of Potential Aid
MaxAid, our exclusive federal aid maximizer database, gathers all potential federal grants into one report customized for your state, county, city, or organization. The system clearly shows what a jurisdiction receives and what additional assistance it might seek. After tabulating all the grants awarded to a jurisdiction and all that were available in the previous year, MaxAid identifies the potential grant programs funded and available for the next fiscal year. AEG customizes the complete Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance for your state or municipality, presenting the information in a usable way that cuts across all agencies and programs and helps you get the federal aid you deserve. The system is available for single use or by subscription.

Carefully Track Your Grants
MaxAid automatically tracks more than 1,500 federal grants and aid programs, locating potential revenues that even the best budget professionals may not know about. For nearly every client, we have located millions of dollars in untapped federal funds, much of which does not even require a local match. AEG provides clients with detailed data on federal grants received by program and recipient. We group the information by policy area and compare the client's grant results to a range of benchmarks, such as historical results, results of similar organizations, and results based on a national or market average. We can also install Web-based systems to help your organization track its federal grants from application through to final receipt.

Get Help with the Application Process
Our staff can put together the information you need to apply for grants and can even help develop the grant packages and proposals. We provide clients with concise profiles of federal funding programs, including details on grant awards, application processes, and match requirements. We identify new programs or sources of revenue by agency and funding level. AEG is first to the marketplace with vital information that can give our clients a competitive advantage.

Untapped federal funds are available for nearly every community, whether it's a state, county, or local government or even a not-for-profit organization or non-governmental organization. Let AEG assist you in maximizing the impact of federal aid in your budget.

MaxAid is a trademark of American Economics Group, Inc.


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