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Clear & Effective Economic Analysis
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Corporate Affairs Economics:
Effectively Dealing with Crisis and Controversy

  • Clear and effective tools for lobbying and litigation support
  • Economic analysis tied to specific business needs
  • Intensive support during crisis
  • Targeted communication tools and Web-delivered information
  • Customized economic research and calculators

Doing business in America is becoming more complex—not just because of traditional competitive factors, but because more and more industries are at the mercy of various interest groups. Recent attempts to use the judicial system to wrest large settlements from targeted industries, calls for price controls, and protests against technological advancement are just the tip of the iceberg. Today, businesses in every industry need to be able to respond with clear and effective solutions to a wide variety of issues.

American Economics Group, Inc. (AEG) can help develop the tools to steer clear of a crisis before it happens or manage and contain a current crisis. Our unique ability to analyze economic issues clearly and communicate results effectively helps our clients negotiate difficult situations. We believe that every issue is solvable, and every problem presents an opportunity. Using our economic tools and messaging systems, our clients have been able to emerge successfully from even the most difficult crises.

To help your organization anticipate change, negotiate successfully, and create long-term effective strategies, AEG has developed a wide range of corporate affairs support products.

Economic Impact Analysis
Economic impact analysis is one of the most important tools used to influence policy. AEG is an expert at economic impact modeling, and our models are considered among the best in the industry. We have conducted major economic impact and job studies for large industries and individual companies. We can conduct impact analyses at the county, congressional district, and state levels. Through our exclusive BriefingsNet™ calculators, we bring our analysis to life. We turn large, cumbersome reports into dynamic and flexible tools to answer economic questions clearly and effectively. In addition, we are able to tailor specific messages—such as talking points, letters to the editor, and white papers—to decision makers, providing them with a clear understanding of the importance of your industry to their constituents.

Tax Policy Analysis
AEG is an expert at analyzing the implications of tax policy on segments of the population and the business community. Our analysis clearly explains how different taxing schemes impact local communities, constituencies, and industries, and can be used to effectively assist governments in designing efficient tax systems. We specialize in solid revenue estimates.

Economic Development Programs and Policies
One of the least understood areas of economic/fiscal policy is economic development incentives and programs. AEG's experts in economic development recommend programs and policies that will lead to the desired outcomes—both for business and for local communities.

Industry Economics
AEG has strong experience in developing clear and effective research and communications tools on issues related to the energy, transportation, consumer products, government, education, tourism, and communications industries. Clients have used our research to reduce hotel occupancy taxes, lower excise taxes, eliminate marketing restrictions, and reform tax systems.

Message Development and Delivery
We specialize in translating complex economic concepts into clear messages, and our economists effectively deliver these messages in a variety of forms. We are experienced in presenting our findings in arbitrations and organizational meetings, as well as to government bodies, courts of law,  and corporate decision makers. We're also adept at translating the complex research of outside academics and experts into clear and useful messages.

Support For Lobbying
With the advent of term limits, gift restrictions, and campaign finance reform, lobbying increasingly must use analysis and data to achieve its goals. Today, the lobbyist with the best information may have the best access. At AEG we specialize in developing issue-based white papers, talking points, and summaries incorporating the results of the latest economic research. We present your messages in a clear and easy-to-understand format that gets results.

Support for Litigation
At AEG we believe that the best way to deal with controversy is through clear and effective economic analysis. We have analyzed some of the nation's largest and most prominent tort cases, and have helped our clients develop reasonable solutions and responses—both at the trial level and in the PR campaign preceding the trial.

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