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American Economics Group, Inc. offers the following economic products and services:

RevCast™: State and Local Government Revenue Forecasting
AEG's customized revenue forecasting models generate comprehensive monthly forecasts of revenue collections from state or municipal tax structures. Use your own economic assumptions or automatically drive the revenue models with AEG's exclusive state and local economic forecasts. Either way, our approach simultaneously accounts for the full interaction between each tax and key economic variable to forecast your entire revenue structure consistently and accurately.

SimTax™: Personal Income Tax Simulator
This powerful income tax simulator lets state and municipal governments determine precisely how changes in either the federal personal income tax code or the national and regional economy will affect income tax collections. Customized for each state or municipality, it comes pre-loaded with a database weighted for all taxpayers plus the formulas in your tax code. SimTax provides the tools to adjust the tax code in any way and see the change in collections, the distribution of taxpayer burden, and the effects of incentives, credits, and other tax devices.

Economic Impact Analysis
AEG is expert at measuring the total employment, sales, and income that an industry or large corporation creates and presenting this information by state, county, or legislative district. In addition, we calculate the state and local tax revenue derived from all aspects of a company's or industry's operations and from its workers' spending. Our exclusive BriefingsNet™ calculators translate this information into effective, easy-to-understand reports. Our materials have been used to lobby decision makers in matters ranging into the billions of dollars at both the federal and state levels.

LaborNet™ and Collective Bargaining Support
With AEG's LaborNet software, state and local governments can see how their pay and benefits compare to other jurisdictions'. Use it to bargain, analyze offers, or prepare counter-offers. Take the next step and do multi-year costing of contract provisions that accounts for attrition, hiring, retirement, pay schedule changes, and other changes. LaborNet also provides access to comparative data on employers in specific labor markets. Our easy-to-use templates will help you prepare clear and convincing exhibits.

Corporate Affairs Economics
Today, businesses in every industry need to be able to respond with clear and effective solutions to a wide variety of issues. AEG can help develop the tools to steer clear of a crisis before it happens or manage and contain a current crisis. Our unique ability to analyze economic issues clearly and communicate results effectively helps our clients negotiate difficult situations. The corporate affairs support tools we offer include economic impact analysis, tax policy analysis, analysis of economic development programs and policies, and specialized industry studies.

Economic Development
AEG can help businesses work with state and local governments and economic development agency officials to construct the best package of incentives for both the firm and the community. Our exclusive tools clearly explain how adding an enterprise will affect local employment, taxes, and even the existing business community. AEG's online economic development forecasting model allows firms seeking economic development benefits or governments analyzing the potential of a specific project to quickly and clearly determine both the cost savings for the enterprise and the impact on the local community.


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