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LaborNet™ and Collective Bargaining Support:
The Data Solution for Public Employers

  • Up-to-date pay and benefit comparisons
  • Dynamic costing of future contract years
  • Careful job matching and immediate response to changes and reclassifications
  • Easy-to-build reports and exhibits

American Economics Group, Inc. (AEG) offers a powerful information system to help with government labor relations. LaborNet lets users analyze and compare workers' pay and benefits; easily construct reports, tables, and graphs; and keep abreast of local labor markets and comparable jurisdictions.

Get Support with Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining
AEG's LaborNet software helps state and local governments with labor relations by providing current wage and benefit compensation; multi-year costing of contract provisions; profiles of the local economy and labor markets; and profiles of comparable jurisdictions. LaborNet tracks workers' salaries, longevity pay, pensions, leave, and health benefits. At a glance, you have a complete job profile—hours worked, rate, shift differential, typical career progression, and pay schedule. The system enables users to immediately compare and analyze the working conditions of surveyed jurisdictions.

Create Custom Reports and Records
With LaborNet, you can use private databases containing confidential information on bargaining unit personnel and labor costs, payments, and contracts, as well as a library of preformatted reports and records. This secure site lets you run comparisons on your own work force. Once you have created your own report template, you can query LaborNet any time you need updates and the database will supply the relevant job or classification details. Everything is centrally located for easy review and analysis.

The LaborNet system has a full complement of analytical tools that allows you to manipulate the data in a variety of ways. You can select, compare, and sort any items, cross-tabulate or summarize selected data, create spreadsheets, or weight jurisdictions or categories as your analysis dictates. With LaborNet you can print directly from the Web page or export data to a variety of software applications such as Microsoft® Excel or Word.

Access Current Comparative Data
As a subscriber to LaborNet, you can access a wealth of information from your own computer. You'll sign on to our secure website containing the comparative pay, benefits, and working conditions databases, as well as information on your local economy and labor market.

AEG collects its data carefully and methodically. After designing and conducting written and telephone surveys of all relevant employers, staff members verify the responses. During the year, our economists follow up with the employers to update any changes in classifications, pay, or benefits. AEG applies a uniform standard to all employers over time, so the comparative data are always current and reliable. We assemble and maintain the data with the scope and consistency necessary to withstand the intense cross-examination common at arbitrations. With the demonstrated experience and continuity of its staff, AEG can guarantee accuracy and authority.

By having AEG perform the time-consuming tasks of collecting and maintaining the data, you'll free up your staff for other work. For reasonable additional fees, AEG can produce custom reports and exhibits, help design custom report templates for LaborNet, and also testify in court before arbitration panels on your behalf.

LaborNet is a trademark of American Economics Group, Inc.


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