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Clear & Effective Economic Analysis
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Economic Development:
Helping Government and Industry Maximize Their Potential

  • Turnkey analysis of economic development proposals
  • Decision-enhancing analysis pinpoints costs and benefits
  • Support for government and business
  • Customized economic research

Clear communication and accurate information are essential in any public-private partnership.

This is especially true in negotiating the maze of economic development programs and policies available in nearly every community in the country. Governments' well-intentioned efforts to attract new business to their communities can backfire when businesses don't meet their own expectations. Often firms may not be able to maximize the potential of the very programs designed to help them. In today's complex and fast-changing economy, business and government must work together to find clear and effective solutions to a variety of important challenges.

American Economics Group, Inc. (AEG) can help businesses work with state and local government and economic development agency officials to construct the best package of incentives for both the firm and the community. Our exclusive tools can clearly explain how adding an enterprise will impact local employment, taxes, and even the existing business community. With our unique ability to analyze economic issues clearly and communicate results effectively, we can help both government and industry create public-private partnerships.

Let our team of skilled economists and economic development professionals assist your organization in successfully negotiating the maze of economic development programs through the following services:

Economic Development Programs
and Policy Model

Our economists, working with economic development experts, have created an online economic development forecasting model. This turnkey system allows firms seeking economic development benefits or governments analyzing the potential of a specific project to quickly and clearly determine both the cost savings for the enterprise and the impact on the local community. Our model forecasts changes in employment, changes in sales of other firms, changes in tax collections, and impacts on local property values. Just enter basic information on an easy-to-use screen, and our software will deliver a clear and concise report suitable for presentation. This system is available for single use or by subscription.

Economic Impact Analysis
AEG is an expert at economic impact modeling, and our models are considered among the finest in the industry. We have conducted major economic impact studies for a wide range of industries and can—through our exclusive BriefingsNet™ calculators—bring the analysis to life. We will turn what can often be a large, cumbersome report into a dynamic and flexible tool to clearly and effectively answer a wide range of economic questions. AEG's models calculate the full economic significance of an industry or large corporation, including elements that other researchers often omit. We measure the employment, sales, and income that an industry generates and present this information by state, county, or legislative district. In addition, we calculate the state and local tax revenue derived from all aspects of an industry's operations and from its employees' expenditures.

Tax Policy Analysis
AEG specializes in investigating the implications of tax policy on various segments of the population and the business community. Our analysis clearly pinpoints how different tax policies affect local communities, constituencies, and industries. Governments use this analysis to design efficient tax systems. AEG's customized models generate comprehensive quarterly forecasts of collections from a state or municipality. You may input your own economic assumptions or automatically drive the models with AEG's state and local economic forecasts. Either way, our approach forecasts your entire revenue structure consistently and accurately.

Industry Economics
AEG is experienced in developing clear and effective research and communication tools on issues related to the energy, transportation, consumer products, government, education, tourism, and communication industries. Clients have used our research to reduce hotel occupancy taxes, eliminate marketing restrictions, and reform tax systems. AEG uses a large-scale input-output model that tracks the economic relationships among industries, businesses, consumers, and government. We calculate the direct impact (your own production), the indirect impact (inter-industry purchases in response to this production), and the induced impact (household spending of all direct and indirect employers and owners). You can find allies by using these results to determine which other industries are affected by your activities or face similar issues.

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